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The Secret To Choosing A Diet For Successful Weight Loss

Choosing a diet for fast results can help you lose weight

Dieting is big business. It’s estimated that the US dieting and weight loss industry is worth $72 billion. Interestingly, the number of dieters is actually falling as larger size bodies are becoming more acceptable.

But, if you’re not comfortable with your current weight you’ll want to choose the best weight loss diet possible. Unfortunately, with so many products on the market, choosing a diet can seem like a nearly impossible task.

The Secret To Choosing A Diet For Successful Weight Loss
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The Top Secret To Choosing A Diet

The number one thing to realize is that everyone is different. The best weight loss diet for you will not be the same as for your friend or favorite celebrity.

Understanding this and what your aims are is instrumental to your success.

It’s also important to understand the difference between low carb or low fat for fat loss. This will help you to decide which is the most effective approach for you.

When it comes to fat loss perhaps the most important secret is to think long term. We live in a society that’s become accustomed to instant gratification. That’s part of the reason why there are so many fancy weight-loss diets.

But, to achieve successful weight loss and keep the weight off, you need to be thinking long-term. This means developing an exercise and nutrition plan that you can sustain, and even enjoy!

However, it’s unlikely to be sustainable, making you one of the 90% of people who regain it.

The Secret To Choosing A Diet For Successful Weight Loss
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Low Carb or Low Fat For Weight Loss?

Where do you start? The most obvious first step is to reduce your calorie intake. Consuming fewer calories than your body needs is instrumental in losing weight. In short, your body has to burn fat for energy.

That leaves the question of whether to lower your carb intake, effectively reducing calories and forcing your body to burn its own fat reserves. Or, reduce your fat intake to ensure you’re not increasing those reserves at the same time as you’re burning them.

Research shows the decision between low carb and low fat is extremely personal. The study, by Professor Gardner, restricted participants to either 20g of fat or carbs per day. After one month the participants could slowly increase the amount they had of one or the other. In effect, each participant chose a low carb or low-fat approach.

After one year the average weight loss was a healthy 13 pounds. It didn’t matter whether people had chosen low carb or low fat to lose weight.

What was interesting is that those who chose low fat had reduced their fat intake by approximately 33%, while the low carb group had virtually halved their carb intake.

In other words, both approaches can work, it’s a question of which eating style suits your preference.


Extra Tips To Help You Succeed With Weight Loss

Alongside deciding between low carb or low fat for weight loss, you can improve your success rate by implementing a few simple changes to your lifestyle.

Focus on drinking more water. If you feel hungry drink a glass of water first and always drink one before eating. This will help you to feel fuller and eat less.

Drinking black coffee and green tea are also great ways to keep you feeling full and speed up your metabolism. You can also consider adding eggs into your diet, as breakfast. It’s a high protein way to start the day, although, if you’re opting for low fat you’ll need to consider the fat content.

The Secret To Choosing A Diet For Successful Weight Loss

Choosing A Diet For Weight Loss – The Takeaway

Choosing a diet doesn’t mean picking between low carb or low fat for weight loss. It means avoiding processed foods, choosing natural foods wherever possible.

To successfully lose weight you can’t set a goal of a few months, think longer! You’ll then be able to introduce changes to your eating habits and lifestyle slowly. This will allow you to create new habits and lose 1-2 pounds a week.

That may not seem like a lot but it’s a small and obtainable goal. It will also help you to lose between 52-104 pounds in a year.

The secret? Choose healthy foods that you enjoy, exercise more, and don’t feel bad if you choose badly or have the odd takeaway. The real secret to successful weight loss is to create moderation. That’s a healthy diet you can maintain for life.

When choosing a diet, consider the natural foods you like to eat and eat more of them, while consuming less processed items. You won’t just lose weight, you’ll feel healthier too!


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