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Discover How Quickly You Can Get Visible Results From Working Out?

The key to losing weight and being able to see that weight loss in just a few weeks is to exercise daily but not to overdo it. This is especially true if you’re new to exercising

If you’ve ever spoken to a medical professional about your health then you’re certain to have been told about the benefits of working outThey are backed up by science. When you work out regularly you’ll lose weight, improve your cardio health, and even reduce your chances of developing cardiovascular disease. 

Discover How Quickly You Can Get Visible Results From Working Out?

But, knowing it’s good for you doesn’t help you stick to it when you don’t see any obvious changes to your body. That’s why it’s essential to know how soon you can lose weight after exercising and how long to see the results from working out. 


How Long To See Results From Working Out – The Simple Answer

It is important to note that everyone is different. Your current body shape, diet, metabolic rate, and various other factors will influence your actual weight loss. But, a healthy weekly weight loss is considered to be 1-2 pounds per week.

It is possible to lose as much as 10 pounds per week. But, you need to monitor your health carefully while you do so.

As you can imagine, the answer to how long to see results from working out will depend on how much weight you’re losing per week and how big you currently are.


How Soon Can You Lose Weight After Exercising 

The basis of losing weight is to burn more calories than you consume. That means monitoring your food intake and exercising daily. The aim isn’t to drop your calories significantly. Instead, you should consider your current calorie needs. 

Discover How Quickly You Can Get Visible Results From Working Out?

On average men need 2,500 per day and women need 2,000. Aim for around 500 calories under this and start exercising. The result will be a steady weight loss that will be noticeable within 3-4 weeks.

 The secret to a positive answer to how soon can you lose weight after exercising is to do both. It’s difficult to lose weight with just a small calorie deficit. Even 500 below your needs per day will only lose you a pound a week. But, couple that with exercise that leaves you short of breath and you can hit 2 pounds a week, that’s over half a stone a month. 

You and your friends will notice that.


Gaining Muscle After Exercising

If you’re wondering how soon can you gain muscle after exercising then you may be disappointed to learn building muscle is a slow process. It’s also not one you can easily rush. Overload your muscles and you’ll do yourself an injury that won’t help you to reach your goals.

A realistic answer to how soon can you gain muscle after exercising is immediate. But, you won’t notice it for approximately 6 weeks.

Discover How Quickly You Can Get Visible Results From Working Out?
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Two factors need to be considered when gaining muscle:

1. Visibility

The first thing to note is that everyone has muscle. In fact, everyone has a 6-pack, it’s just hidden by the fat on your stomach. 

That means to show the muscles you’re developing you need to lose the weight. In short, you’ll start seeing the visible weight loss in 3-4 weeks and can expect to see the muscle gains shortly after.

2. Resistance & Training Level

If you’re undertaking resistance training or weight lifting then you can expect to add 5-7 pounds of muscle a month. It’s a slower process than losing weight. This will be quicker if you’re already accustomed to weight lifting.

The more intense your training, the greater your potential to gain muscle. But, overdo the training and you’ll injure yourself, delaying the entire process.

You should also be aware that muscle growth requires an adequate supply of proteins and carbohydrates. It’s not advisable to be running a calorie deficit. For this reason, most people lose weight first and then start building muscle. 

It’s a slower approach but more likely to lead to successful and long-term results.

Discover How Quickly You Can Get Visible Results From Working Out?

Muscle To Lose Weight

A final thought that is worth considering when calculating how long it will take to see weight loss is that muscle is denser than fat. As such it will burn more calories and increase your fat-burning capabilities. 

This means focusing on exercise to build muscle and a healthy diet. If you adopt this approach you will lose weight but your proportions will also change. That’s why you shouldn’t rely just on the scales. Measuring your waist, thighs, arms, and even your chest can help to confirm you’re obtaining the right results. 

The bottom line is you’ll know your efforts are paying dividends as you’ll feel healthier and fitter. Seeing the difference is just a bonus. 


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