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Become The Rock: How To Replicate Dwayne Johnson’s Workout Routine

Working out and taking care of his body have always been part of his routine

If you look at Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and think he was born with a body like that, you are terribly mistaken. The guy was a college football player at Miami, a pro wrestling sensation, and now a movie star. Dwayne Johnson’s workout routine is by no means easy. But most of it is something that others can emulate if they have enough discipline and dedication. Here are the headlines of the Rock’s workout plan in case you think you have what it takes to match him.

Become The Rock: How To Replicate Dwayne Johnson’s Workout Routine

Rise and Grind

Everybody knows that getting up early is the key to any good workout. The Rock’s workout plan is no different. Johnson sets his alarm for 3:30 every morning and goes for a run. He gets his cardio for the day out of the way early and says it helps fuel the rest of his day. It probably makes him feel superior to be out for a run and productive while everyone else is still asleep. If you want to be like The Rock, the first step is getting up and running before breakfast every day.


Keep the Diet Tight

Speaking of breakfast, the Rock’s diet is an important part of his workout plan. Johnson maintains a healthy diet, although that doesn’t mean he can’t eat tasty food. For instance, the Rock eats steak twice every day. He also has two servings of chicken, egg whites, vegetables, and salmon with most of his meals. Needless to say, that’s a lot of food, especially when you consume that much at every meal. However, The Rock’s diet needs to be high in calories because getting throughout his daily workout routine requires a massive amount of energy.


Stay on Schedule

After his morning run and a big breakfast, Dwayne Johnson’s workout officially begins. He keeps a six-day routine, with each day focusing on a different part of the body. The kicker is that he does anywhere between eight and 10 exercises for each body part. Most people can get away with just one or two. But if you want to reach the Rock’s level of fitness, it takes several exercises for each body part.

Become The Rock: How To Replicate Dwayne Johnson’s Workout Routine

Day 1 of the routine

On the first day of his routine, the Rock focuses on his legs. In fact, his legs are so important that he repeats “Leg Day” on the fifth day of his six-day routine. His leg exercises include barbell squats and the leg press, among a half-dozen others.

Day 2 of the routine

On Day 2, the Rock focuses on his back. If you’ve seen enough of his movies, you know that Johnson’s back is one of his best features. It got that way from a weekly series of pull-ups and dumbbell shrugs.

Day 3 of the routine

By Day 3, the Rock is ready to move onto his shoulders. Yes, working out one’s shoulders is different from the back, at least when you’re Dwayne Johnson. Working the shoulders means the dumbbell shoulder press and the military press, among other shoulder exercises.

Day 4 of the routine

On the fourth day of his routine, the focus shifts to his arms and abs. For his abs, the Rock enjoys doing Russian twists and the rope crunch. Meanwhile, his arm workout involves hammer curls and bicep curls.

Day 5 and 6 of the routine

After repeating his leg workout on Day 5, the Rock moves onto his chest. Johnson’s chest exercises include dips and the barbell chest press. If you think you can handle even a fraction of that, you might have a chance to replicate the Rock’s workout routine.

Become The Rock: How To Replicate Dwayne Johnson’s Workout Routine

Traveling Gym

It should be obvious that the Rock’s workout is not like a normal workout. That’s even more true when you learn that he has a traveling gym that goes everywhere with him called Iron Paradise. As a working actor, Johnson is frequently on-location shooting various movies. That’s why he owns an 18-wheeler that’s filled to the brim with weights and equipment. Imagine the rigors of shooting an action movie only after Johnson’s daily exercise routine. For the Rock, it’s just another day.


Relax to the Max

The Rock is living proof that when you work hard, you also get to play hard. Johnson keeps to his six-day routine and he doesn’t skimp on Day 7, which is his day to rest, recover, and enjoy himself. Once a week, the Rock cheats on his diet and holds nothing back. He’s been known to devour five pints of ice cream, chocolate chip pancakes, half a dozen sushi platters, an entire plate of cookies, and wash it down with tequila.

Of course, that’s just one example of how hard the Rock goes on his day off. He’s also been known to eat four pizzas, 12 pancakes, and over 20 brownies in one meal. It’s a good reminder to himself every week that there’s a reward waiting for him at the end of a long week.


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